Application Bavarian Flytying Open 2020

We are happy that you like to participate at the Bavarian Flytying Open 2020.
Please fill in your contact details for your application.

Afterwards you can use the section 'Pattern Info' to submit your detailed pattern description. Additionally, you can also upload pictures which can show your fly or important tying steps.

Your personal application document will be generated after you click the button 'Join now'. What else is to do: Sign the application form and send your fly patterns and your signed form to us!

Regulations & Rules can be found here

If you want to take part with several patterns, then just repeat the process. We accept a maximum of 4 patterns per tier. If you want to take part 'the traditional' way (not online) - just print THIS - sign it and send it to us. Your Flies need to be attached.

Personal data

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Fly Pattern Info

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Picture of the Fly

Optionally you can upload a picture of the fly. You can also add pictures of important tying steps. You are allowed to upload a maximum of 5 pictures (.jpg or .pdf). Maximum file size 7 MB. The file name should not have special characters.
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If you click 'JOIN NOW' your application document will be generated.